About us

Agility and accuracy are no coincidence

As a highly specialised and international logistics service provider, HAZGO is based at Brussels Airport with international offices in key markets. Our expertise ranges from disease control and dangerous goods to R&D sample management and IVF logistics. We make the toughest logistics challenge seem surprisingly easy. It’s our job.

Our vision

We truly believe globalisation changes the world for the better. It unlocks the path to new products, medicine and technology. But, with new opportunities come new challenges, such as handling sensitive goods while maintaining integrity, safety and sustainability. That is why we provide best-in-class logistics every day that let purpose-driven companies excel at what they do best.

Our mission

We aspire to be recognised as a leading supplier and trusted expert in the international logistics and handling of dangerous goods, disease control shipments, IVF logistics and R&D sample management. We strive to provide our customers with a bespoke and unparalleled logistics experience, so they can focus on their core business. Every day. All day.

Our history

10 milestones in 10 years

2009: First office in Brussels – Dangerous goods division

2010: IVF logistics division

2011: Kick-off R&D samples and pharma services – Opening office in South Africa

2013: Accreditation as Approved Regulated Agent – ISO9001 2008 Certification

2016: Opening office in France

2017: Disease control services

2017: New offices and warehouse at Brussels Airport

2018: IATA CEIV Pharma Certification

2018: ISO9001 2015 Certification

2020: Opening COVID Rapid Response Unit

Our Management Team
Tom Heymans

Tom Heymans

Managing Partner

Uri Lauwers

Uri Lauwers

Managing Partner

Gregory Moriau

Gregory Moriau

Operations Director

Quality & flexibility

As experienced logistics experts, we aim to do more than just deliver; we aim to excel. We apply the highest possible quality standards. All day. Every day. HAZGO’s quality management system is ISO and IATA CEIV pharma certified. But what sets us apart is our agile and versatile organisation. Our lean and flexible operation focuses on full compliance to safely and securely complete the most challenging tasks. Our specialised teams take a hands-on approach to every single job, handling all the red tape and last-minute issues so you can concentrate on your core business.

Our logistics solutions are driven by excellence with a constant eye for detail that fuels accuracy.

Tom Heymans

We strive to excel at best-in-class logistics so our customers can excel at whatever they do best.

Uri Lauwers

We can help you.

We welcome tough challenges. Contact us for a tailor-made solution.