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New website

New website

We are very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website!

After several years of good use, we thought it was time to give our website a makeover, not only with a new look and design, but also with better and clearer content, and better designed tools for our customers. Our company was founded 7 years ago with its main focus being the repackaging and shipping of dangerous goods by air, road and sea. Meanwhile, our activities have expanded and we have evolved to a true ‘one-stop-shop’ for any type of non-regular shipment. Apart from dangerous goods shipments, we also take care of R&D and cold-chain samples, we provide training and consultancy, and we also offer pick-and-pack services for dangerous goods at our warehouse. In short, we’ve grown quite a bit since we first started and it was time for us to refresh our online profile!

So, what’s new?

Our homepage clearly showcases the three transport domains in which we are mostly active: dangerous goods, R&D logistics and cold-chain solutions. Click on the dedicated buttons for more information on our packaging, transport and consulting services in these fields. Our track-and-trace and online ordering tools are now displayed at the top of our homepage and the other webpages. So no need to scroll down every time you want to place an order or track a package! At the bottom of the homepage you can keep up to date on our activities, but also on changes in transport and packaging regulations.

We’ve also added a user-friendly online form for our IVF transport documents with a clear explanation of the different steps to be followed.

Check it out and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a shipment or questions, or simply if you’d like to meet us.