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Raid 4L Trophy - "Une expérience incroyable!"

Raid 4L Trophy - "Une expérience incroyable!"

Team No. 521 of the 4L Trophy 2010, with on board Julien Van Damme and Jean-Yves Sottiaux finished 143rd on  February 28 2010 in Marrakech. Bare in mind that nearly 1200 Renault 4L departed from Paris and travelled nearly 7,000 km to deliver humanitarian supplies to Morocco.

Julien and Jean-Yves tell us: "It was an incredible experience! A wonderful blend of adventure, solidarity, discovery, sharing, self-help .. The Moroccan landscapes are amazing and the locals are very hospitable . We did not encounter any serious mechanical problems, which did not stop us from lending a helping hand to our fellow colleagues in trouble down in the middle of the desert!

If we could chose out one special moment from our adventure? On the road again!"