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Temperature controlled packaging

HAZGO provides the pharmaceutical industry with a wide range of certified temperature-controlled passive packaging solutions.

HAZGO offers the following temperature-control options:

  • -179° C - liquid nitrogen
  • -79° C - dry ice
  • -20° C - frozen gel packs
  • 2-8° C - gel packs
  • 15-25° C - hot packs

In addition to packaging material, HAZGO offers temperature-logging products to measure the temperature of your shipment during transport.

The integrity of all of our products has been validated by our Quality department.

Envirotainer services


The HAZGO Pharmaceutical Operations team provides Envirotainer services to its clients, including:
  • Dry ice provision
  • Battery provision
  • Physical check of the Envirotainer
  • Temperature setting
  • Pre-cooling
  • Checklist