Expert training sessions

Hazgo Expert Training Sessions

To meet compliancy requirements for class-9 dangerous goods classification, airfreight dry-ice shipments and air and sea freight shipments of lithium batteries and goods containing lithium batteries require specific handling, packaging and documentation. In most cases, this includes awareness certification for staff members.

To help our customers with awareness certification, Hazgo is pleased to offer three customizable training sessions in these areas:

  • Shipping & Handling Dry Ice Safely (4-hour course)
  • Shipping & Handling Lithium Batteries Safely (4-hour course)
  • Shipping & Handling Lithium Batteries & Dry Ice Safely (6-hour combined course)

Every course is taught by a Hazgo dangerous goods expert. Currently, all training courses are given as on-demand webinars. The goal is to provide awareness certification for individuals handling goods and shipments containing dry ice and/or lithium batteries for international export as well as individuals in the manufacturing, assembling, shipping, packaging and freight forwarding sectors. The courses can be given separately as four-hour sessions, either dedicated to dry ice safety or lithium battery safety. Participants requiring certification in both areas, dry ice and lithium battery safety, can attend a 6-hour combined session.

Dry Ice and/or Lithium Battery Awareness Certification

Following completion of the course, participants will have a better understanding of the rules and regulations for shipping dry ice and/or lithium batteries and goods containing lithium batteries. They will also understand the paperwork, packaging, and marking and labeling requirements for shipping dry ice and/or batteries and related lithium-battery goods. To conclude, participants will be required to pass a test to receive their respective awareness certification.

Who should attend?

The 4 and 6-hour training sessions are open to anyone who prepares airfreight shipments that include dry ice, and/or air or sea freight that contain lithium batteries, or people who handle goods with lithium batteries. This would include people who manufacturer and assemble cells and batteries as well as people who ship dry ice along with refrigerated food products, diagnostic specimens, non-infectious samples or any products requiring refrigeration.

Plan your session in the Hazgo virtual classroom

All expert training sessions are taught online as virtual classroom courses. The course can be taught in English, French or Dutch. Customized or in-person sessions can be arranged on request. For more information or to schedule your expert training session, please contact us directly on +32 2 253 6900 or [email protected]

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