Dangerous goods

Safety is never a compromise. It’s a default setting.

Our dangerous goods expertise is unparalleled in today’s competitive logistics community. Our highly trained operators handle your goods with the utmost care. Our experts make sure sensitive products and dangerous goods are handled in compliance with strict rules and regulations. Packaging, documentation, pick & pack, … You name it. We have it covered. It’s our job, remember?

Fibreboard & plywood boxes

Fibreboard & plywood boxes

Drums (plastic, steel, fibre)

Drums (plastic, steel, fibre)

Packaging for biological and infectious materials

Packaging for biological and infectious materials

Plastic & wooden pallets

Plastic & wooden pallets

  • Pick & Pack: DG supply chain management

    We offer various service options to manage your dangerous goods supply chain. Your goods are stored in our certified warehouse. Upon request, we can pack, document and ship DG to your customers. A stock overview is available at all times. Outsourcing your DG supply chain job to us lets you manage your resources more cost-efficiently.

  • Experts on location: on-site DG handling

    HAZGO provides on-site specialists to handle your dangerous goods in your warehouse in accordance with all standards and regulations. You can rely on our expertise to provide a complete service package for your customers.

  • Documentation on demand

    Processing dangerous goods requires extensive documentation. This is why we offer specialised documentation services on demand. Freight forwarders can have their dangerous goods checked prior to processing by handling agents. This check is entirely compliant with the latest applicable DG regulations.

  • UN Packaging solutions

    HAZGO offers a wide range of UN packaging solutions. We handle on-site packaging for your products in compliance with national and international transportation regulations. A vast range of UN packaging material is available.

  • Temperature control

    Dangerous goods often require specific thermal conditions during transportation. HAZGO provides a wide range of certified, temperature-controlled, passive packaging solutions. The integrity of all products is validated by our quality department prior to usage. On demand, we can also provide temperature logging to measure the temperature throughout the entire journey.

Uniquely HAZGO

HAZGO is a critical hub and a preferred supplier for handling dangerous goods at Brussels Airport. We are a centre of excellence for safety. HAZGO’s quality management system is ISO and IATA CEIV pharma certified. We monitor and audit our processes and procedures continuously. But we swear by agility and flexibility. A last-minute request? Happy to help. At HAZGO, we’ll move mountains to get the job done right. We deliver on our promises. Every day. But we never compromise on compliance and conformity. At HAZGO, safety is a standard.

As far as dangerous goods go, business IS personal. That is why we pride ourselves to provide a personal service.

Tom Heymans

You stay in control because we certainly do. Every step of the way.

Gregory Moriau

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