Disease control

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As experts in hazardous goods and pharma logistics, we are ready to help the greater global community. Our disease control division is a preferred partner for governmental bodies, research institutes and NGOs, who are working in remote areas around the world to contain infectious diseases and prevent pandemics. Sensitive shipments are handled with the utmost care and in accordance with the highest safety standards at all times.

Dry ice

Dry ice

Packaging of infectious or biological substances

Packaging of infectious or biological substances

Temperature control

Temperature control

Data logger

Data logger

  • Blood samples

    When the world is confronted with a disease outbreak, like yellow fever or Ebola, blood samples have to be shipped to reference labs worldwide for analysis. Transporting highly contagious virus samples is a high-risk activity that requires in-depth expertise and hazardous goods know-how. This is why we count leading health organisations, like the WHO and the CDC, and NGOs, like Doctors Without Borders, as clients.

  • Remote areas

    An outbreak often happens in remote areas with limited access and limited local transportation. This is what makes disease control logistics particularly challenging. HAZGO has serious experience with these types of hazardous assignments. Our expert teams can pick up blood samples practically anywhere in the world and deliver the samples securely under strict, temperature-controlled conditions to the destination laboratories.

  • COVID Rapid Response

    Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have proactively installed a COVID Rapid Response Unit at Brussels Airport. This specialised disease control unit is set to provide vital additional support when the COVID vaccines are readily available to prevent distribution delays.

  • Temperature control

    Disease control logistics, just like any other pharmaceutical shipment, requires strict temperature-controlled transportation. HAZGO ensures temperature-controlled collection, certified packaging, cooling elements, temperature monitoring and delivery. You can track the status of your shipment during every step. We guarantee that blood samples will arrive on time and within the requested temperature range.

Uniquely HAZGO

HAZGO is a centre of excellence for global disease control. Our expertise in DG logistics is at the heart of a robust quality management system. HAZGO is ISO and IATA CEIV pharma certified. Our procedures may be rigid, our service is extremely flexible. We are proud of our proactivity. It leads to flawless delivery. We welcome challenging assignments. Our efficiency-driven operation makes us fast with straightforward communication and personal service. With HAZGO, you stay in control because we certainly do.

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