Because safety is never a compromise

Exceptional times and circumstances make compliancy even more vital. This is why HAZGO offers a wide range of courses and webinars about various topics, including the latest developments in dangerous goods regulations, logistics and packaging. Subscribe to our training sessions online or in-house. Safety is all about providence. Stay ahead of the curve and keep your staff up-to-date at all times.

Maintain awareness

Handling dangerous goods works both ways. Your staff should be aware of the best practices as well. HAZGO provides regular training on-site or via webinars. Our training courses encompass topics, such as legislation, packaging solutions and safety precautions.

Unique training programmes

A unique aspect, HAZGO offers up-to-date advice on classification, documentation, packaging instructions, and regulatory transport requirements. We can create tailor-made training sessions on demand. Our standard training programme covers DG awareness, but can include specific sessions on topics like dry ice handling or lithium batteries transportation if required.

Top-of-mind safety

Training sessions are organised regularly for both long-term employees and new hires. It is important that the proper handling of dangerous goods is top-of-mind at all times. Our comprehensive training programme makes sure that every person who works with hazardous goods is trained in the most efficient way.

We can help you.

We welcome tough challenges. Contact us for a tailor-made solution.