HAZGO in the News

COVID logistics

The first COVID vaccines have proven to be 95% effective. It was breaking news in national and international media. How to organize large scale distribution of vaccines worldwide? How will we organise the large-scale distribution of vaccines worldwide? In particular for vaccines that require temperature-controlled shipment at -80°C. HAZGO demonstrated dry ice application on national television. Our demonstration did not go unnoticed and we passed with flying colours on national and international media.

National television

The media took a closer look at how Brussels Airport is planning to organise COVID vaccine shipments. As part of the health care hub at Brussels Airport, HAZGO was invited to showcase dry ice handling of vaccines. Have a look at the report on Belgian national television.

HAZGO embraces 2021
2020 was an exceptional year. What comes next can only be better. Our deepest wish for 2021 comes from our hearts. It’s something we never ever thought we’d offer you. Have a look!
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Pharma Service Centre
HAZGO will open a dedicated Pharma Service Centre in early 2021 to support increasing specialized requests from our clients. The Pharma Service Centre will operate from a new state-of-the-art warehouse at Brussels Airport.
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New IATA DGR Manual
The new IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations manual is out now. Order your 2021 IATA DGR manual today to make sure your staff has the latest information at all times. Questions, orders or want to know more about our training courses? Just ask.
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