R&D Samples

We don’t just ship samples. We deliver peace of mind.

HAZGO has an expert division dedicated to R&D departments. We abide by the highest possible quality standards throughout the entire logistics process. We take the administrative burden off your research departments. We do our job so you can focus on what you do best. And we never compromise on integrity. For HAZGO, compliance is not a request. It’s a prerequisite.

Personal service

Personal service

On-line tracking

On-line tracking

Safety, security and compliance

Safety, security and compliance

Temperature-controlled packaging & transportation

Temperature-controlled packaging & transportation

  • Sample management

    Shipping R&D samples, a valuable corporate commodity, requires a specific skill set that includes logistics excellence and integrity. At HAZGO, we handle R&D samples from many renowned brands and companies across various industries. Your samples will be treated with the highest priority on the most cost-efficient route to their final destination.

  • Pharma

    R&D samples from the pharmaceutical sector require a specific approach. To meet the highest industry standards, we have developed a proprietary quality management system in compliance with GDP guidelines. Our IATA CEIV pharma certification means that we comply with the strictest applicable regulations for R&D sample logistics for health care products.

  • Pharma value chain

    Our pharma R&D service solution encompasses the entire logistics value chain. To start, pharmaceutical sample transportation, both domestically and internationally, happens in dedicated temperature-controlled vehicles. We also provide validated packaging aligned to your temperature guidelines, ranging from -20°C, +2 to +8°C, and +15 to +25°C. Cooling units are available at all times and our GDP-trained staff also handles replenishment services.

  • Extra services

    We are big believers in being proactive and prepared. It is part of our culture. This is why we quickly set up a COVID Rapid Response Unit within our disease control division. And HAZGO will launch a dedicated Pharma Service Centre with a new warehouse in early 2021.

Uniquely HAZGO

HAZGO’s quality management system is ISO and IATA CEIV pharma certified. We monitor and audit our processes and procedures continuously. At HAZGO, quality is a given. But we never compromise on flexibility. Our lean organisation makes us extremely flexible and personal. We get to know you and your company. As our customer, you will be assigned ONE dedicated expert to handle all the administrative formalities, including classification and document assistance.

Integrity is a point of departure. Transparency is the only itinerary.

Uri Lauwers

Excellence is much more than just expertise. It is the right mix of safety, integrity and simply doing the job right. Every single day.

Tom Heymans

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